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Cryoderm heat lotion

CryoDerm Heat 4oz Lotion

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**Product expiry date April 2024- still works effectively well past expiration date**

CryoDerm Heat products work immediately providing a relaxing sense of warmth and relief. This topical cream will re-activate with movement.

Cryoderm heat products contain Capsaicin. Some patients may be hypersensitive to this ingredient causing a discomfort or even burning in some cases. If you have any known sensitivites please use a test patch on your arm prior to using. Cold water, soap or olive oil can be used to offset the effects of the Capsaicin. Never use hot water.

Always refer to the product heat warning prior to using this product. 

All of the CryoDerm Canada products are gluten-free and eco-friendly. These topicals are free of dyes, silicone, isopropyl alcohol, and methyl salicylate. 

Available in 4oz lotion.

Clinic Pricing Available- Please Contact Us.