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Clinic Builders

Determining which products to bring in for retailing can be intimidating, we can help you decide what is needed. Rather than advising your patients to purchase products elsewhere, you can have them available at your place of business. After all, your patients trust you to recommend the right product to help with their unique situation. 

  • Stocking brands or products that are only sold to the healthcare market will allow the retail sale to be accomplished at competitive prices within your clinic. Products that are exclusive to the healthcare market tend be of top quality.
  • ALWAYS have personal experience with each product you are trying to sell. If you can speak from experience, your patients will appreciate your honesty and expertise. 

A few products we believe you should retail:

  1. Topical Creams - Helping clients manage their pain between treatments is important. Topical creams play a key roll, as they are quick and easy to apply anytime, anywhere. We offer a few different options; if you are not sure which brand is right for your clinic, we are here to support you in choosing the best option. 

  2. TENS Units - Portable TENS units are a great way to manage pain at home.

  3. Posture Medic/Sanctband Products - Any time a patient can continue their rehab/strengthening at home is a bonus. These products allow patients to stretch and strengthen muscles they use each and every day. 

  4. Self Massage Tools - It is no secret that no single treatment is a cure-all. Having items on hand which patients can purchase to use at home to aid in the recovery process is appealing. Massage therapists, especially, are always recommending foam rollers or self-massage balls to their clients. 


Clinic pricing is available on all of these items. Please contact us for a price list or to chat further about expanding your business with some retail options.