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Magic Touch Foaming Hand Soap (Clementine)

Magic Touch Foaming Hand Soap (Clementine)

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 Don’t just wash your hands, pamper them with our gentle foaming hand soap. Our non-toxic formula is made with naturally derived ingredients and is safe for even the most delicate of skin types. Magic Touch Foaming Hand Soap’s thick sudsy foam will leave your hands feeling clean and refreshed!

This biodegradable cleanser is formulated to gently clean without drying skin. Perfect for use in public or private washrooms, kitchens and businesses.

 Add product to dispenser. Apply product to wet hand and lather, rinse thoroughly. 

Physical form- Liquid 
Colour- Clear
Odour- Clementine (Citrus)
pH (1g/L solution)- 5-6


Available in: 4L.

This product is part of our sustainable packaging initiative, which includes our Laundry detergent. After each container is empty, it is sanitized and recycled for reuse.