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HAGINA  Japanese Mint Oil 60ml - Clinic Size

HAGINA Japanese Mint Oil 60ml - Clinic Size

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HAGINA Japanese Mint Oil is 100% pure and natural. Extracted through steam distillation with no other oils blended in, it has a deep, warming effect and is known to be a remedy for rheumatic pain. Therapists rely on this oil for massage purposes as its quality is unsurpassed in the market. Just a few drops on the skin can help increase circulation.

  • Highest and Purest Quality Available. Helps Promote circulation, Relieves tight muscles and muscle cramps
  • Useful when treating sprains, strains swelling and dislocations.
  • Headache relief when massaged on temples and back of neck
  • Rub on chest for head and chest cold relief
  • Sinus congestion relief, add a few drops to a basin of hot water, inhale, keeping eyes closed